Advantages Of PVC Geomembranes

The popularity of vinyl can be attributed to its unmatched properties, competitive cost and wide processing capability. PVC has many inherent characteristics that make it ideal choice for variety of water related applications because of :-

  • Ease of molding or shaping
  • Durability under all environmental conditions
  • Good mechanical strength and toughness
  • Very good tear strength and elongation
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Good barrier to moisture
  • Excellent UV resistant
  • Very good impermeable properties

Availability in large sheets - PVC can be factory fabricated into panels up to 30 M wide and 100 M long. Panels can be accordingly folded in both directions to facilitate shipping and handling in narrow confines associated with canal construction. These large panels minimize field seaming.

PVC is highly flexible and retains this property over a wide range of temperatures, which permits it to conform to the subgrade better than other geomembrane materials, which were available at the time of selection, such as HDPE and EPDM.

PVC is easily field-spliced and repaired with a solvent-type cement.

PVC also has good puncture, abrasive, and tear-resistant properties, which are important to minimize damage during installation.

PVC geomembrane installation does not require sophisticated equipment or skilled labor.

Geo-composites are basically geomembranes thermally bonded with geo-textiles to provide following advantage:

  • to increase the dimensional stability of geomembrane
  • to provide the diffused drainage of the water-proofed surface
  • to cushion the geomembrane
  • to protect it from possible puncture on the rough surface of the existing surface

Three-dimensional networks can be formed in plasticized poly (vinyl chloride) by chain entanglements and crystallites introduced in the system during the fusion and annealing processes. The fusion conditions influence the mechanical stability of the plasticized polymers.

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