PVC Geomembranes

The large scale development of PVC geomembranes began in the 1960's with the use of PVC film to prevent seepage of water from canals and reservoirs used for irrigation in the western United States.

The primary use of PVC geomembrane has been for lining irrigation canals, tunnels, water containment applications, ponds, aqua-culture, decorative ponds, golf course ponds, canals and channels and waste water treatment applications.

There are several properties in PVC which are advantageous to many other applications requiring containment liners. PVC geomembrane is used in all types of water and waste containment applications, including landfills, wastewater treatment lagoons, oil exploration, aquaculture, and irrigation ponds.

PVC geomembranes are providing satisfactory service for seepage control, and they are also providing viable alternatives in areas not suitable for concrete or compacted earth linings. The slope stability of the protective soil cover on steeper slopes has been an issue, and as with other geomembrane applications, additional studies are needed concerning ways to assure good stability.They are also used extensively in large commercial and residential buildings, like basements and roofing, as a moisture barriers and providing additional strength to the construction.

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