Building Roof Water Proofing

Roof surface are subjected to extreme temperature variations both in a 24 hour cycle (day & night) & over a period of an year. The variations could be 20° in the former & 50° C in the later.

Roofs are generally concrete structures and are also subjected to this variation, causing them to expand & contract. This expansion & contraction cause cracks in the structure and as a result when it rains, the water starts finding its way through there cracks & eventually roofs leak.

As a result you go in for water proofing treatment spending a lot of money.

To avoid this , PVC Waterproofing membrane can be installed on the roof. This product has an elastomeric feature giving it the ability to adjust to the expansion & contraction of the concrete structure due to temperature variation.

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Original condition of the house,fondly called "pili kothi" by the owners had shifted fearing that the house will crumble down. PILI KOTHI had several breaches on its terrace, making the walls & roof dripping wiet weak. Roof & Walls Wet due to leakage of roof at several points Condition of Roof & Wall
Condition of Roof & Wall - Totally Wet Due to Leakage Brick Tiling removed Existing Brick tiling & mud layer on Roof was removed to allow drying
Structure is left for Drying - The rusted lanters & Wet Walls After Drying & Repairs to the Structure New reinforcement to the rusted lanters and repairing to the walls.
New reinforcement to the rusted lanters and repairing to the walls. 1mm roofing line installed with well defined slope for rain water drainage. Subsequently covered with mud & brick leting.  
Decorative Pond:1
Decorative Pond:2
Decorative Pond:3